At the Richardson Plano Guide Right Foundation, we pride ourselves on our varied and impactful Guide Right programs. We have provided college scholarships to over 120 young people worth over $175,000 over the past 23 years. We mentor and guide students from middle school through college graduation. The impact of our program is visible in the young men that have come through our Guide Right program, have now graduated college and have careers.

All our Guide Right programs are funded by the Richardson Plano Guide Right Foundation. We do not ask for funds from the participants.

Frisco Guide Right Program
In partnership with Microsoft, the Frisco Guide Right program was created to address the mentoring needs of Middle School and High School male and female students. Students participate in the program that focused are on STEM.  The engaging program challenges students by teaching the actively develop mobile apps, build and prototype robots, storyboard and develop platforms, etc. This program is part of the Guide Right NSBE Jr Chapter
College Succes Program
We mentor 14 former RP Kappa Leaguers that are in college. We have a conference call once a month. We cover topics such as:

  • Utilizing school resources
  • Time Management
  • Making connections with professors
  • Paying for college
  • How to get a summer internship

Man-Up Mentoring
In partnership with the Plano Independent School District, the Chapter sponsored and provided mentors and speakers for the Man-Up Mentoring Program. The purpose is to provide positive male role models and influences to high school male students. 165 high school and middle school kids participated in the program. A major focus is the “no zeros” program and winning classroom behavior. Students are recognized for teachers writing recommendations for them and for getting no zeros in a grading period.
Kappa League Program
Young men from grades 7 through 12 are eligible for the program. Areas of emphasis are:

Public Speaking; Leadership; Money Management; Critical Thinking Skills; Entrepreneurial Skills; Leadership Development, College preparation; Goal Setting; Current Events

The program also focuses on teaching study skills, career exploration, critical thinking skills, leadership training, group dynamics, goal setting, business dynamics, current event awareness, and public speaking. 96% of the students that complete the program graduate from college within six years of high school graduation. The meetings are focused on brief overviews with thought provoking questions and lots of interaction and participation from the Kappa Leaguers. As part of the program, we visit and tour college campuses

Thanksgiving Food Baskets
Provided food baskets to 100 families.
School Supply Giveaway
Our partnership with Minnie’s Food Pantry continues to flourish.  Over 200 kids received backpacks full of  school supplies in August.  The backpacks were put together and distributed by our Kappa Leaguers.
Kappa Basketball Kamp
It’s been called the “Best Kamp Ever”! Parents often comment that the Kamp is better than bball camps that they pay upwards of $400 to attend. Participant’s skill levels run from novice to D-1 prospects. In addition to hard work, participants also have a lot of fun through competitive drills

91 boys and girls ages 6-18 attend the Kappa Basketball Kamp (Old School Basketball) each June. The Kamp is Monday through Friday (six hours a day). The Kamp is focused on fundamentals and skills development. Providing on

court leadership is Darryl Winston, who was the first African American head basketball coach in the Big 8 Conference and star basketball player at Kansas State. High school Kappa Leaguers also assist as coaches. This is a “no charge” camp.

Kappa League Senior College Prep-Program
Kappa Leaguers in the 12th Grade go through a special program preparing them for college. Topics covered are study skills, time management, applying to colleges, how to apply for scholarships, waking yourself up in the morning, how to prepare a meal, determining a major and preparing meals.


Kappa League Scholarships
Kappa League Scholarships have been awarded to college bound students who participated in Kappa League program through the 12th grade. These students continue to be mentored in the Guide Right Continuity program.
Achievement Scholarships
Scholarships to college bound 12th graders are awarded each year based on achievement, need, essay writing and an interview. RPGR Foundation has awarded over $80,000 in scholarships.