Frisco STEM Guide Right - Kappa League

Our STEM Program is led by members or volunteers with a specific professional skill and/or partnership in the community.  Thanks to the wealth of local technical talent in the area, and our partners like Microsoft, we are able to provide a world class experience for our students in the North Dallas area.

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Ecosystem for Learning

Tools and Technology are nothing without great facilitators.  We have current educators, corporate trainers, fortune 500 leaders, and community participation which allows our programs to provide tools for our students to prepare, thrive and succeed in post secondary education.

A Vision for Tomorrow

The programs we develop are focused on developing well rounded, prepared, socially responsible youth that will return to the program to serve as future leaders.  Our sustainability plan is in our success.

Ecosystem Curriculum

With partners like Microsoft, State Farm, NSBE, All State and others we are able to provide exposure to technology, field trips, study prep tools, and much more to ensure our students can matriculate from college should they choose to attend.

Active Social Learning

One of the most valuable skills our students learn is TEAMWORK!  We spend very little time in lecture settings.  Most of the projects our students participate in require teamwork, active listening, and reasoning.  This allows them to practice not only getting things done but getting them done efficiently.


Our students participate in a module where the learn the basics about robotics, and actually build a robot that must lift move and place an object faster than their competition.  This is an exciting way to build camaraderie among our student teams.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Thanks to one of our partners, our students learn about unmanned vehicles.  In this module students get to spend time flying drones, maneuvering cameras, and having a great time while learning a new skill.

Coding & Gamification

We provide several opportunities to learn coding basics, practice coding, and to put their work in action.  Students build video games, websites, code for their robots and much more.

Partnerships, Volunteerism, Philanthropy

It is important to our program that our students are socially responsible.  This means doing your part to make the world a better place.  We partner with Minnie’s Food Pantry to allow our students to make a difference in the communities where they live.